Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beads and Lace

The estate sales this past weekend were nothing to jump up and down about.  The first sale Saturday morning promised vintage clothing.  I'm wondering where they came up with that one.  But on the upside I didn't have to leave empty handed.  I picked up a couple vintage Vogue sewing patterns, a handful of millinery tidbits and some beaded purses.  More like remnants of beaded purses and some vials of loose beads.  The second sale was also a little bit of a joke.  I don't know what was up with the girl running the sale.  I almost walked out but she finally gave me an ok deal on a lace shawl that, well, I think I'm liking more and more.  So I'll forgive her for trying to over charge.


Beaded purse falling apart
Beaded purse, great condition just needs lining and a drawstring.
Close up

Interesting glass vials of beads.
Lace shawl

Close up




  1. The pricing at that second sale was completely ridiculous! I wanted to laugh out loud when she tried to sell us a hankie for $5. And my mom went back the second day, and they had a second slip (similar to the green ombre one I picked up) that was super stained, but they would not budge on their $20 price. Ugh!

    1. That's crazy! Maybe this weekend we will have better luck. I won't see you on Saturday I'm going to Sharon for the weekend to visit my family. You will have to let me know if you girls get anything good!