Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alice All Grown Up

I have been very busy taking care of my little girl and have neglected this blog once again.  I have hit estate sales here and there but have been just too busy to post.  I'm trying to get back in the groove.  I went to a sale last Friday.  Tons of vintage stuff, it was fun to pick and the prices were pretty decent.  This piece is my favorite.  It is an antique lithograph fabric piece.  Probably to make a pillow out of.  I have never seen a piece like this and in such fabulous condition too.  And don't you think just maybe she is Alice in Wonderland all grown up?  Should I keep it?  I keep going back and forth but when will I ever find a piece like this again?  But I really need money to buy formula and diapers! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Antique Wedding Dress Ensemble - February's Favorite Find

I only went to two sales in February and only bought one thing at each sale.  So I don't have much to choose from for February's Favorite Find.  Even so what I did find is fabulous and it probably would have been my favorite find anyway. 

The sale I attended was in an old yet upscale area of town.  The house was just gorgeous with huge rooms and high ceilings.  And although one wouldn't choose to wall paper their home from top to bottom with ivy wall paper and matching green carpet it seemed to somehow suit the home.  I would have kept it that way and loved it if I would have purchase the home.

There was a lot of quality antique furniture and artwork for sale as well as sterling silver flatware and other high quality items.  Nothing I was in the market for.  Then ahhhhh there is was, a beautiful antique wedding gown with veil and wax crown.  And sitting next to the gown was a photograph of the lady wearing the ensemble on her wedding day. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking.


 Agnes Flora Dempster Hill wore this ivory silk gown adorned with Brussels lace, matching cathedral veil and wax flower crown on April 14th, 1910.  Reception was held at the Duquesne Club in Pittsburg PA.  (That's when Pittsburgh didn't have an h).  There was a portion of the veil cut out that was used for a granddaughters veil.  I am happy to own this and will enjoy it for a little while before I sell it.  It is not a dress I ultimately want for my collection.  I am looking for a 1930's wedding gown that resembles my late grandmothers.  She cut it up and made curtains or something out of hers. :(

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Estate Sale Two Weeks Ago Just Made Me Gasp - January's Favorite Find

I went to an estate sale two weeks ago.  I have been trying to get pictures to update my blog for the past two weeks I just haven't had time.  Finally, yesterday I had time. 

First I will say I tried to get to the sale early in the morning and wait in line but my husband ended up having to work which left me with my three year old son.  I don't mind bringing him to sales every once in a while so, I took him with me once it was already opened so I didn't have to subject him to standing out in the cold.  The place was packed with stuff and with people.  We couldn't move and just ended up leaving because it was too hard to look at anything.  But I decided to come back by myself once my husband came home from work.  I figured since there was so much stuff packed in the house I could find a treasure or two to bring home.  And, it was all half price at that point.  I totally lucked out.

I got several pieces of vintage clothing and some fabric.  The one worker saw that I was buying some fabric and retrieved a bag out of the closet with more fabric in it to look at, which no one had seen yet.  There happened to be two fabulous 1940's dresses in the bag.  I'm sure they would have been priced much higher but since they were not seen when being priced I got them for $2 each!  These I thought would make my January favorite find.

This one, in a sheer rayon fabric, is black with white bows and yellow flowers. 

This one is a sheer white with large purple, pink and white flowers, and matching fabric buttons.
All or at least most of the clothing at this sale were hand made by the owner.  I also got a few other dresses, and two piece outfits along with some barkcloth drapes and a large bolt of paisley fabric.  Here are a few pieces, I didn't take pictures of all of them.

Oh but wait!
I also got an adorable 50's party dress layered in green tulle.  This dress reminds me of a fairy ballerina or a big cupcake.  I was actually surprised it was still available at the sale, I definitely couldn't pass it up.  The condition it great too it just needs a bunch of wrinkles steamed out.

Look what tag I discovered while taking pictures.....
My jaw dropped, I can't even believe how lucky I was to find this treasure.  As much as I want to keep this dress I need the money so I will steam out the wrinkles and list it on eBay.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Estate Sale of the New Year

I finally got to go to an estate sale after weeks and weeks of either not being able to go or nothing worth going for.  The house was filled with loads of old old stuff, and thankfully some digging was involved.  I like when digging is involved rather than everything being set out and every little thing priced.  You have a much better chance of being able to negotiate a price when nothing is priced.  I wasn't happy with what they were trying to charge me but finally walked out happy.  Even though I ended up giving up a gorgeous 1930's black dress with lace trim.  I'm not too happy with myself about that one.  Any way, here are my finds.  My pictures aren't the best I was in the middle of 10 things trying to get pictures.

An overview.  Purse, hat, bra, chemise cover, girdle, suit, watch box, some close up below.

Pink satin girdle, to add to my unmentionables collection.

Salmon colored straw crochet purse with wood rings and millinery fruit.

Antique chemise cover with embroidery and lace.

Organza flapper blouse with metallic trim.

1930's velvet watch display box.

Yellow 1930's suit with some very unfortunate fading that I didn't notice till I brought it home.

Black flapper lace bra with silk straps and pink rosette detail.