Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alice All Grown Up

I have been very busy taking care of my little girl and have neglected this blog once again.  I have hit estate sales here and there but have been just too busy to post.  I'm trying to get back in the groove.  I went to a sale last Friday.  Tons of vintage stuff, it was fun to pick and the prices were pretty decent.  This piece is my favorite.  It is an antique lithograph fabric piece.  Probably to make a pillow out of.  I have never seen a piece like this and in such fabulous condition too.  And don't you think just maybe she is Alice in Wonderland all grown up?  Should I keep it?  I keep going back and forth but when will I ever find a piece like this again?  But I really need money to buy formula and diapers! 


  1. OH, or it could be a young Queen of Hearts!

  2. I was thinking a young Queen of Hearts, too; she has a wonderful attitude about her!

    Did you find it at the Lower Burrell sale? We went to that one on Friday morning and thought it was fantastic! We ended up going back on Sunday for half-off, too. And yep, crazy that we posted to our long-ignored blogs on the same day! Vintage hive mind or something like that. ;)