Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Estate Sale of the New Year

I finally got to go to an estate sale after weeks and weeks of either not being able to go or nothing worth going for.  The house was filled with loads of old old stuff, and thankfully some digging was involved.  I like when digging is involved rather than everything being set out and every little thing priced.  You have a much better chance of being able to negotiate a price when nothing is priced.  I wasn't happy with what they were trying to charge me but finally walked out happy.  Even though I ended up giving up a gorgeous 1930's black dress with lace trim.  I'm not too happy with myself about that one.  Any way, here are my finds.  My pictures aren't the best I was in the middle of 10 things trying to get pictures.

An overview.  Purse, hat, bra, chemise cover, girdle, suit, watch box, some close up below.

Pink satin girdle, to add to my unmentionables collection.

Salmon colored straw crochet purse with wood rings and millinery fruit.

Antique chemise cover with embroidery and lace.

Organza flapper blouse with metallic trim.

1930's velvet watch display box.

Yellow 1930's suit with some very unfortunate fading that I didn't notice till I brought it home.

Black flapper lace bra with silk straps and pink rosette detail.





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