Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Christmas Gift for Me From Me

Every year I buy myself something special for Christmas.  I know I get gifts from my family and they are always very lovely gifts but I like to get something that I know they aren't going to buy me.  I deserve it, I work for it.

While shopping at the antique store down the street from my house for the jewelry that went on my sisters wreath I came across a few items that I have always wanted.  I left not buying any but couldn't stop thinking about them.  So on Christmas Eve morning I went back and bought my Christmas present.


A little doll hat stand.  She was a very good price, about half the price of any I have seen online.  Her face paint is a little worn as well as the green paint on the wood but I love her.


  1. That's very you. And what's the name of the antique shop? I'd like to check it out!

    1. It was just at the Castle Shannon Antique Mall. I'm sure you've been there:) There was a glass display case with a bunch of stuff like this in it. I really would like to go back and buy myself more.