Sunday, November 24, 2013

One To Sell and One to Keep

Today I took an adventure about 45 minutes away to take a look at some clothing for sale from a private collection.  The woman was selling a ton of clothing and accessories from the 1800's to the 1920's.  A few dealers had been there before me and I guess bought boxes of stuff but I still went home with a few great pieces. 

I bought two outfit that were tattered but I plan on selling them for parts.

This is a navy blue with tiny white dots silk two piece skirt and top with lace trim that is tattered but still good for making doll clothing.

Titanic Era cream silk dress tattered but good for lace and beading.

Some pretty Edwardian whites covered in lace embroidery.
Also got some fun hats.

And two flapper dresses.  One to sell and one to keep.  Which one will I keep?  Which one will I sell?  Can you guess?

Well if you know me at all you would know I have decided to keep the blue one with the ruffles, lace and tiny bows!


  1. Ah, such good stuff! The 1910's cream silk dress has some amazing details (that belt buckle!), and even though I'm not a big hat person, I'm really digging the green one and pleated black (navy?) one.

    This post did make me think of something that Amy and I have noticed about vintage shopping around here. The majority of the clothes we find are either from the Edwardian era or from the 50's or later. The 20's through 40's seem much more elusive (which makes those two flapper dresses you picked up even more amazing; I'm partial to the first one, myself). We've found treasure troves of 50's cotton dresses, but I'm still waiting for a sale with piles of everyday rayon dresses from the 40's or an elusive chiffon dress from the 30's. I'm admittedly aiming a bit high... ;)

    Also, you are putting my neglected blog to shame with all these posts!