Sunday, January 30, 2011

Antique Halloween Auction

Happy sunday evening.  It's been a while so I wanted to finally update that latest treasures I came across. 

On thursday evening, I happily scooted out of work early leaving my husband to care for our little one and headed to an auction.  It was the lifetime collection of antique and vintage halloween collectibles.  Boy I tell you if you ever come across old Halloween stuff, grab it up cause people pay gads amount of money for it.

These pictures are just some of the items at the auction.  They also sold three antique victorian caskets.  Those were quite interesting to see, how often do you come across caskets that are over hundred years old, without doing some digging of course.  Ha ha ha!
This one, sold with the skeleton (don't worry it's not real), had a window on the front of the casket.  So unique and spooky~~I think it sold for about $600.00

This little victorian casket was so sweet and sad, originally for a little baby~~But look passed that cause it's a great halloween prop.

And this was one of two Halloween Collectible auctions.....I can't wait for the next one.  After that I will share with you what I was able to purchase.

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