Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let's Try This Again...

A little over two years but better late than never I guess.  I always have ideas and plans in my head that seem so good but often never happen and if they do they are short lived. 

I'm taking another crack at this blog.  I enjoy so much reading others maybe someone will enjoy mine too.

Two years since my last post. That Halloween auction I was at with my parents.  My mom and dad met me there.  My dad has passed since then.  I miss him every day.  Even though he isn't here I still feel him around, giving me luck and guidance and the motivation to make my life the best I can.  I guess I'm hoping I am still making him proud.  So I'll dedicate this blog to him.  I think he would enjoy reading it. 

I'll leave you with a photo, just because the sunlight was shining today.

Tiny vintage glass powder jar by Yardley. 

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