Sunday, February 24, 2013

Maybe a top 10 and....

There are good estate sales.  Ones where you find good items at good prices.  Where you walk out of the house with items in your hand and money left in your wallet.

There are bad estate sales.  Ones that you get excited about when you read the ad and then you arrive an hour early to wait in line and then once you get in you realize the person writing the ad needs, new glasses, a better education or a punch in the face.  For many reasons.  I'll get into my pet peeves on another post though.

Then there are epic sales.  I can count on my fingers the epic sales I have been to.  At least by my standards.  And I'm thinking maybe I'll do another post on that at another time. 

This weekend I attended a sale that may be in my top 10.  Vintage clothing, antique lace trim, millinery flowers.  Need I say more?

Vintage hat box full to the brim with millinery!
Loads of antique lace trim and an old wooden picture frame.
These are just some of my finds from this weekend.  I need to get busy, just look at my spare room!My husband is being very patient.  I am getting ready to do a massive organization project so this is my before picture.  And it is really only showing a portion of my stock/collection, whatever you want to call it.

 I'm so embarrassed!



  1. I'm putting together a blog post about the Squirrel Hill sale, too! Such a good one. My sister and I even went back the second day and found a few more treasures for 50% off.

    I'm curious what sorts of clothes you found at the sale! The things Amy and I picked up were generally pretty damaged (like an extremely stained wrap top that looks to be from the 50's). Though we did find a few gems, including a really fancy velvet jacket with the owner's name penned inside the collar.

    1. I only got 3 dresses and a beautiful wrap, which will prob be my favorite find for Feb. The dresses are nothing great.

      I went back to it on Sunday too! Not till around noon though. I didn't get much of anything. What did you pick up the second day? I can't wait to see your post:)

    2. I think I may have caught a glimpse of one of the dresses you picked up. From what I saw, it was printed with the fronts and backs of horses (or maybe donkeys?). I thought that was kind of funny and cute!

      The sale was definitely super picked over the second day, but Amy and I found some surprises on that table that had all the lace on it. We found a 1940's black rayon wrap blouse (the tag actually says Opera Blouse, which we thought was pretty cool), that stained blouse I mentioned in my original comment (I'm hoping it'll clean up, because it's adorable), and a blush pink velvet bow belt. Other than that, everything left over was either 80's or incredibly damaged. There was an adorable little girl's ballet costume, but it was completely shredded, so I forced myself to leave it behind.

      I've been trying to look up the name written inside the velvet jacket I bought (Betty Hart), but I'm not coming up with anything. I'd love to know more about her, especially since there were so many costumes and dance shoes and whatnot at the sale! And all of the finds will eventually trickle their way onto my blog. (All said and done, Amy and I walked away with 2 fancy 50's/60's party dresses, an 80's-does-20's lace dress, a velvet jacket, 2 blouses, a lace bustier, those pointe shoes you found, and the little bow belt... We haven't had that much luck in a long time!)