Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Doll Auction

This past weekend I attended an auction with my mom.  I like auctions just as much as estate sales.  They are different but just as fun.  I like the fact that I have the option to get whatever I want.  I just need to be prepared to pay more for it if someone else wants it as bad as me.  Sometimes I get lucky and can be the only bidder or get something for a really good price.  And then there are times when the prices go sky high.  I always go to an auction with a plan.  I strategize days or weeks in advance what I am willing to spend.  I'm pretty good at staying with my plan too. 

This doll auction was one that I knew I wouldn't end up with much but I was excited to go for the learning experience.  I don't really know a great deal about dolls.  There were also antique bears there and I want a old Steiff bear very much.  It was also nice spending time with my mom.  On the way home she thanked me for taking her, she used to go with my dad all the time.  That was their thing.  I was and will always be happy to go to an auction with her. 

So I got to see and touch Steiff bears and a rare closed mouth French Jumeau doll (closed mouth are hard to find and worth a lot more, that is one thing I learned).

Antique French Jumeau Doll - she sold for $2,900.

 Little Antique Steiff Bear - I wasn't too sad to not win him I want a bigger one:)

Some overview shots - There was a lot of other great stuff there like pull toys and furniture.
 Look at those bright blue eyes.
Mom took these two little cuties home.
I took home a tiny antique kid leather bull dog purse!  I paid a little more than I wanted to for him but since I wasn't winning anything else I intended to get I justified paying more.  And have you ever seen anything like this before?  I also won an old mohair bear that I will be keeping.  I have been wanting to start a new collection so maybe it will be antique bears.  


 Next post will be February's Favorite Find.  And it's a tie!


  1. Ah, the auction looks amazing! And I love the shabby bear with cymbals that your mom took home; he's a heartbreaker. ;)

  2. There was a lot of cool stuff to see:) Did you girls go anywhere is past Saturday?

    1. We went to three sales, but the day was basically a bust. We just found a couple little charms, a hankie, and a flower crown, at a J.D. Llama sale.