Monday, March 18, 2013

It's That 70's Show around here

I have been feeling under the weather lately so this post will be short and sweet with a lot of pictures.

I tend to stay away from vintage clothing newer than the early 60's.  It doesn't sell well and that stuff I find is always that nasty cheap polyester. 

Of course in high school I remember shopping at this cool vintage store in Boardman OH called Wild Styles.  We used to have a blast there trying on clothing that mom would say "I remember wearing something like that when I was your age".  I loved rocking the bell bottoms and funky sweaters!

For the past few weeks I have come across a lot of 70's items.  Including these vintage Vogue Pattern magazines. 
These are just a handful, I bought about 40 issues

Oriental Inspired

Vivid Fabrics

I love this purple bikini!

The lovely Victorian inspired 70's bride.

Can't go wrong with a Dior coat.


I love the hippie, gypsy, boho look!
Some 70's styles weren't so bad, of course it's better if the designer is well know and quality.
Here are some of the articles of clothing I bought.


Lilly Pulitzer, The Vested Gentress, Jantzen, JohnnyE, just to name a few.

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