Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Traditions

I hope, if you observe the Easter holiday, that you had a great one.


We are big on holidays in my family, we love the decorations, the preparations, the food and being together.  Which makes the holidays a little hard now that my dad has passed. 

I have so many wonderful Easter memories as a child, and as an adult too.

Of course we carry on the old tradition of filling and hiding of the Easter basket.  I was still getting a basket up until I was about 24, and I have to admit I was kinda bummed not getting one anymore.  Of course the last year I got one my parents hid my basket so good I couldn't find and I can still picture my dad standing at the kitchen counter laughing at me.  I think they ended up telling me where it was. 

This Easter my husband and I decided to stay home and cook our own Easter dinner.  Which came out amazing.  We got a 17+ pound ham (it was the only one left) and for just the two of us and our 2 year old we had an obvious large amount of left overs.  We donated them to a local women's shelter.  I hope they got to enjoy it.  It was still hot when we brought it down.
It was a nice quiet day.  And maybe we have just started a new tradition.
These random pictures are of vintage tablecloths.  A sweet lady named Judy from my office gave me her collection.  She said she was out of the tablecloth phase and was going to donate them but thought of me and gifted them all to me instead.
I have been soaking them in oxyclean all this week and love how nice they came out.
This rooster print is my favorite.
I'm keeping some and selling some. 
Thanks Judy!

Happy Easter!

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