Monday, March 11, 2013

February's Favorite Find

February is the month of romance.  It is the month I met my husband.  Actually I met him on the very day of romance, February 14th 2005. 

February's favorite find was a tie and both are very romantic items.  Coincidence?  Maybe, maybe not.

At an estate sale that I stopped by late in the afternoon just because it was close to home, I found a beautiful set of French bed linens.  And I practically grabbed them out of someone else's hands.  Practically but they rightfully became mine.

Toujours Unis means "Always United"
The set consisted of three pillow covers and a bed runner.  The pillow covers are the very old ones that just laid over your pillows for decoration.  The bed runner lays at the bottom of the bed.  All pieces match with there dainty embroidery.

Buon Riposo means "Good Rest"
I think these are so romantic, they were probably a wedding present.
My other favorite find of February came from the awesome estate sale I already talked about 

This is an exquisite antique piano shawl.  Cream silk with fringe, delicately embroidered in pastel silk with French knot tassels on the back and tie at the neck.
Just look at the romantic details on this piece.
I'm keeping this one for myself!



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