Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April's Favorite Find

Just a pretty and simple little pillow for April's Favorite Find.  A pink satin square pillow with silk cord trim and tiny crewel work embroidery.



  1. Bummed we didn't get to chat with you this weekend! We saw you on our way out of the Sydney sale in Munhall, but we were already in the car. We found a few things on Saturday--nothing too amazing. Hopefully, you had some good luck as well!

    1. I had a hard time getting out of bed, the rain made me so sleepy. I did ok, can't complain! Did you get anything at the Munhall sale? She was a big lady;) Where else did you go? I had planned on going to the one in Mt. Lebanon but never made it.

    2. haha She was a big lady; I think my sister and I together could fit in the things we bought at that sale--a 50's/60's lace blouse and skirt set and a pretty 50's cotton sundress. We also went to a Jefferson Hills sale (where we found a chartreuse chiffon dress from the 40's) and to an Upper St. Clair sale (where we picked up a gorgeous 20's piano shawl). All in all, a decent day for us. Although, we're still waiting for the day we stumble into a treasure trove of 30's/40's dresses in our size!