Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Story of a Rain Drop

Saturday morning had crazy downpours so I didn't stand in line this weekend.  I waited till the sale was already opened.  I may have missed out on some things but I'm pretty happy with my haul.  At the first sale I picked up some vintage Christmas, millinery fruit and some vintage tulle material.

I never find jingle bells with all bells attached so I was pretty happy to find these.

The late husband of the next estate was a teacher and had some neat teaching books from the 50's/early 60's. 

Science book with picture words.
Also picked up a great picture book about Chicago from the turn of the century.

Standing in line to pay for these, and a few other things, I was given a tip about a thrift store close by that had some vintage clothing.  So I went off my routed out plan to check it out.  It wasn't as fabulous as I had imagined in my head but well worth the stop.  The ladies working there were super nice and I got a super good deal on a bag full of clothing, aprons, scarves and purses.  I will have to return there for sure.

Just a few pieces.



  1. What a great tip about the thrift store! That floral dress is super pretty.

    1. Thanks, I actually have a little tip for you girls. Find me on facebook and I'll give you the information.