Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Black Americana Collection

My dad collected Black Americana items and these are some of the items that are still displayed in my parents kitchen.  I love to look at them when I go home.  I remember talking with him about a new piece he found at auction or one he was trying to buy on eBay.  Antiques and finding them brought me and my dad closer together.  I cherish that.  I think maybe it is one of the reasons why I want so bad to succeed at the antique business world.

The watermelon spoon is my favorite.  I think he tried to win that at least three times and was so happy when he finally got it.  It will be mine one day when my mom is ready to let me have it.  Right now it is where it belongs.  I would like to acquire some Black Americana and have a little collection of my own one day.  Miss you daddy.

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