Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Vintage Lingerie Shop

Coming soon,"In the Golden Afternoon Vintage Lingerie Shop"

Featuring Lingerie Bags
Satin Robes

Quilted Bed Jacket

Chenille Bed Jacket

Tap Panties

Wedding Trousseaus

Matching pant sets with bows

Night Gowns with Pockets

Night Gowns with Lace

and more Lace

And Embroidery

Matching White and Pink Short Night Gowns

More Bed Jackets

Floral Pant Outfits

and Pant Outfits with Lace

Dressing Robes

More Bed Jackets

All Lace Bed Jackets

Lots of Pink

One Piece Tap Panty Step Ins


Black Bias Cut

Garter Belts

Eyelet Bras

Lace Bras

Bullet Bras

Body Slimmers

I also have corsets, and boudoir shoes not yet cataloged but in stock and new items arriving almost weekly, in my imaginary vintage store. 

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